Does your family live in a rural area in Panola or Rusk County, TX? Do you need high-speed internet to stream your favorite movies, allow your student to do school work, or stay connected with friends and family?

has a broadband internet plan for you!

We can provide you with a WiFi connection throughout your home or business.

With  you can effortlessly connect all your devices to the web. We make getting online easy for everyone, no matter where you live.

Whether you want to…’s all possible with iSpeed.

High-Speed Internet

When it comes to getting the internet in a rural area, one size never fits all. Each location is different and requires an innovative solution.

At we are committed to making the internet available to everyone in Rusk County and Panola County, no matter where you are. Depending on your location, that may require a unique solution. Many possible obstacles may get in the way of getting a good connection.

Whether you have high trees, are located deep in the woods, or live far away from a cell tower, we can provide you with high-speed access.

We use several methods to provide our services and they include point to point broadband and cellular technology. If we have a radio tower close to you, we will use point to point access. If no tower is available, we will use cellular modem(s) to get you your service.

Call us to schedule a FREE on-site evaluation. One of our technicians will assess your property to determine the best way to get you connected to the web.

Tower Installation

To provide web access to our customers, we rely on towers and radio signals to reach your home or business.

We use radio towers wherever possible. To justify the cost of a tower, we need to have at least six customers wanting to connect to our services that are within eyesight of the tower location. We will also trade internet services for a location to build a tower. Ask us about this great option!

We have 41+ towers in operation which currently provide internet access to hundreds of rural families across East Texas. If we don’t have a tower in your area, we can build one or find another solution.

Cellular Modems

uses cellular modems (similar to hot spots) if tower access is not available. These modems provide data rates of 6 mbps or better, have unlimited data, and are not subject to speed throttling.

WIFI Routers

also has routers available (including MESH systems) to distribute the internet signal within your home or business.

Repairs & Maintenance

We offer maintenance and repairs on all of our services. If a radio goes out, a tower has an issue, or a customer has a problem getting connected to the internet.

If you are an customer and are having trouble connecting to the internet, call us. Our local customer support team can look at which tower you are connected to and find out if there is a problem with the tower or radio.

Whatever the issue, one of our team members will get you back in service ASAP.

Can My Rural Location Really Get Internet Access?


At we are committed to providing internet service anywhere in Rusk County, Panola County, and the surrounding areas.

While every job is different and may require a unique solution, we are willing to work with you and do whatever it takes to get you connected.

What’s The Process For Getting Internet At My Home?

1. Request A Free On-Site Assessment
We’ll send a trained professional to your location to do a signal test.

They will discuss our services with you and let you know what solution will work for you.

2. Schedule An Installation
All installations cost $300 for the initial setup.

3. Enjoy Contract-Free, Unlimited, High-Speed Internet
We are passionate about providing quality customer service, reliable internet access, and affordable pricing.

Ready To Get Online?

Give us a call today, and we will help you get internet access at home as soon as possible. We look forward to serving you.