is owned and operated by Doug and Patti Mehling. Both Doug and Patti have started and operated multiple businesses in East Texas, including:

The Mehlings purchased ETEX Rural Broadband from its founders, Harley Wilson and Louis Powell, of Carthage, Texas.

When Covid 19 hit East Texas in March 2020, the Mehlings relocated to the Williams Farm owned by Pattiā€™s father, Troy Williams, near Tatum. Their biggest adjustment at the farm was being without decent internet service. After much research, Doug signed up for wireless point to point broadband operated by Harley and Louis at ETEX Rural Broadband.

After experiencing the outstanding service provided by ETEX, Doug asked them if they would be interested in selling their company. Within a couple of months, an agreement to buy the company was reached, and on October 16th 2020, ETEX Rural Broadband became

The demand for ETEX internet has been truly remarkable. Although currently serving just Panola and Rusk counties, there is a list of over 100 requests for service that are waiting for connection. Each new connection generally results in 2-3 new requests for services.

is committed to providing fast connection speeds, no data limits, and quick service call responses. Give us a call to learn more about our services.